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Spring Inspiration with the FabFitFun Box

Monday, May 2, 2016

FabFitFun Spring Box blog title

I am a big fan of subscription boxes!  They are such a great way of trying out new brands and products that you might otherwise never have the opportunity to enjoy:)  Recently I had the opportunity to take the FabFitFun Spring box for a spin <3  This seasonal box is jam packed with goodies to inspire growth and rebirth, all while looking fabulous!  Keep reading to get $10 off your first FabFitFun box!

fabfitfun spring box contents

FabFitFun is a seasonal lifestyle subscription service, which means well, it comes out once each season: Spring (this box), Summer, Fall, and Winter.  The current retail price is $49.99 but the value is oh so much more at over $280!  There are all kinds of fun FULL SIZED products in this box.  I remember seeing posts on their previous Winter box and I was completely enamored, so I was beyond excited when I found out I was going to be getting the Spring Box!  Check out all these amazing products PLUS a gorgeous mini magazine that goes in depth regarding the box artist, its contents, and the FatFitFun partnership with the nonprofit, I Am That Girl:)  Designed by UX/UI designer, illustrator, and letterer, Minna So, this box is pretty and floral and just everything you would want to exemplify springtime! 

merrithew yoga mat strap plus

First up is the Merrithew Mat Strap Plus (Retail Value $14.99).  At first I thought this was just to carry around a yoga mat, but wait, there's more!  It's actually a fitness strap to perform different resistance exercises.  You can actually download a PDF on the different exercises that can be done using it on the Merrithew website:)  Enjoy 25% off the entire Merrithew mat line with code FFFMAT16 at

jook and nona dream necklace

Next up is the Jook & Nona Tag Necklace (Retail Value $65).  I received the piece engraved with the word "dream" but boxes could come with either dream, love, happy, or inspire.  I think any would be absolutely perfect!  I gifted my dream necklace to my daughter...I think she was shocked I was actually giving it to her because it is so cute!  I even got a hug out of it;)  Receive 10% off at with code JNSPRING (expires 5/31/16). 
makerskit diy herb garden

FabFitFun Spring Box makerskit herb garden on the windowsill

I have been working on growing my own herbs on a windowsill just outside of my kitchen window.  I also have a huge rosemary plant that is literally a bush in my backyard.  I was really excited to receive the MakesKit Herb Garden (Retail Value $35).  Now I can grow my own thyme, mint, and basil and develop my green thumb a little more!  This was so easy to put together...I think any non-green thumbs could make it work;)  Visit and use the code FABFITFUN to receive 20% off.

Jus D'Amour bath bomb trinity

It's time to get pampered with the Jus D'Amour Bath Bomb Trinity (Retail Value $28).  Sadly, I do not have a bathtub so I will most likely be gifting these at some point.  These bath bombs smell so amazing!  If I could describe a love potion this is what it would smell like!  The essential oil blend of jasmine, rose, and sandalwood will definitely set the mood!  Maybe I won't be gifting these!  These would be great for a weekend getaway with my hubby!
bodipure keratin gloves and socks

Living in South Florida, heat and humidity can really take a toll.  Not just that but being a typical mom and always being on the go, washing dishes, doing laundry, etc, hands and feet can get questionable to say the least!  One night I poured myself a glass of wine, removed the nail polish on my fingers, put on the Bodipure Keratin Gloves (Retail Value $10) and sat back and relaxed!  I massaged the cream in the gloves into my nails and cuticles and let these babies work their magic!  I was most in awe with the condition of my nails.  They were so much stronger and healthy looking with just this one use <3  I can't wait to try out the socks!  Get your own at

hello legs shaving emulation lotion

Yes sometimes I wear jeans because I don't feel like shaving, but with the Hello Legs Shaving Emulation Lotion (Retail Value $19.95) you will want to slather this on and shave during every shower!  I have tried shaving lotions before and I don't feel like anything major has stuck at as being a really good product...Sometimes they are too thick and clog up the razor, or the shave itself isn't as smooth as they claim.  I actually took this product for a test drive on the first time we used our pool this season.  Even with an old razor I had soft and smooth legs!  This product is definitely a keeper!

ish cosmetics contour kit

This next product is actually pretty darn exciting!  FabFitFun and MUA, Joey Maalouf, have teamed up to create a new makeup line, ISH Cosmetics.  Their debut product is a contour kit that comes in two shades: light/medium and medium/dark.  The ISH Cosmetics Contour Kit (Retail Value $32) brings together the perfect combination of blush, highlighter, bronzer, and contour to bring your springtime look to life!  I am definitely excited to see what other products this collaboration have in store!  Learn more at #IMSMOKINGHOT

marrakesh hair styling elixir

The last beauty product I have been enjoying is the Marrakesh Hair Styling Elixir (Retail Value $22.99).  I am a big fan of hair serums because I color my hair every 3-4 weeks and it is pretty dry and damaged.  I also let it air dry which kicks frizz into high gear, at least in my situation.  The combination of argan and hemp oil really helped to keep my hair soft and manageable.  I applied a single pump to my towel dried hair and it was so much easier to brush.  I went to sleep with my hair wet (I know I know) and when I woke up, my hair had some nice natural soft waves to it!  There are three scents available in this product: Original, High Tide, and Dreamsicle.  I received it in Original and it was a super sexy scent!

Two more extra goodies in my box were vouchers for online purchases.  I received a $25 gift card to Thirty One Bits, where jewelry is handmade by artisans in Uganda, and a $30 gift card to Sterling Forever!  I can't wait to receive my new accessories!

Don't forget to visit and use the code: LUCY for $10 off your first FabFitFun box!  I can't wait to see what they have in store for my favorite season of the year...FALL!  

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post.  I received the FabFitFun Spring Box and compensation in exchange for my 100% unbiased feedback and review.  All thoughts expressed are 100% my own.

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