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ipsy vs. Birchbox January 2014!

Thursday, January 23, 2014

So I am going to try something a little different this month with my beauty subscriptions...If you look throughout my blog, you will notice I don't really give that my love to my Birchbox...Well, 2014 is going to be different.  I have been on the verge of cancelling Birchbox since I signed up in like September.  Every month I received my box, I just wasn't wowed.  I was really excited about Birchbox and I just wasn't blown away by what I was receiving.  I would watch the BB sneak peek videos and I would never receive any of the awesome products they were talking out.  ipsy on the other hand, has had my heart since the very first month.  Well, BB this is your chance to step it up with me.  I am doing a dual subscription bag/box reveal and picking my favorite beauty subscription of the month!  I know it's nothing new, but hey, it's new for me so here we go!!!
First up we have ipsy's January 2014 bag-19 Reasons.  This bag is a little more skincare focused than other bags and ipsy has taken a little flack for that on the Facebook comments.  I happen to love skincare so this bag was right up my alley:) 
Full size is 50 oz and retails for $78!!!
Alterna Caviar Dry Shampoo (0.1 oz-$1 value)
Full size is 2.65 oz and retails for $22
Full size is 1.5g and retails for $14
Mica Beauty Tinted Lip Balm (2.5g-$18.75 value)
Full size is 4g and retails for $30
Sold in packs of 10ct, 33ct & 60 ct
Total bag value ~ $35
This month's postcard was also a little special with a built-in photo contest!
The prize is a one-year glam bag subscription ($110 value)...not too shabby 

Check out my Instagram @2genbeauty to see why 2014 is going to be  AMAZING!!!

Hello Birchbox 2014!  I am keeping the faith in 2014 and I know BB will show me what they've got...January was better than I expected so I will not be cancelling anytime soon:)
Full size is 3.2 oz and retails for $25
Full size is 0.3 oz for $36.95
Full size is 0.24 oz and retails for $18
Three Whishes Body Butter (0.75 oz-$3.60 value)
Full size is 5 oz and retails for $24
Ahmed Tea of London (3 bags-$0.50 value)
I received English Tea No.1, Mint Mystique, & Blackcurrant Burst)
Full size is $7 for 40 bags
Total box value ~ $25

Birchbox's theme for their January 2014 box is Go Time:)  That actually means a lot to me because I am really putting complete faith in Birchbox making me a BB Believer!!!

I'm going to have to give January 2014 to ipsy, based on both value and the actual products I received.  So far my fave ipsy product is the Elizabeth Mott Smooth Shadow Pencil in beautiful & a super smooth formula!  My fave BB product hands down is the Serge Normant Dry Conditioner...I will definitely be pickign this baby up in full-size:)

 Check out ipsy here...
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