Lucy's Cruelty-Free Beauty and Living: ipsy January 2014-SNEAK PEEKS!

ipsy January 2014-SNEAK PEEKS!

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

It's my favorite time of the month-ipsy SNEAK PEEK TIME!!!
 Welcome to 2014 ipsters!  I'm super excited about what ipsy has up their sleeve for a New Year!!!

   Sneak Peek #1 is an either/or lip product!  It appears to be a lip balm of some kind...One of them is obviously easy: Malin+Goetz Mojito Lip Balm:)  This may be a full size and if it is, it retails for $12!  Another great thing about Malin+Goetz???  CRUELTY-FREE!!!  The other 2 little balm pots are really up in the air right now...Some ipsters are guessing MicaBeauty or Colorbar Lip Pots, but honestly, it doesn't look like either of those in my opinion...any thoughts???  Post it in the comments:)  It was MicaBeauty Tinted Lip Balm!  ipsters will receive Fiesta or Natural.
"Fabulous lips, Fabulous life! One of these lip products will give you a reason to have some adventure this new year!"
Sneak Peek #2 is an either/or eye or face product! We have two Elizabeth Mott Smooth Shadow Creamy Eye Pencils on either side. This item comes in 3 different colors: pearl, penny, & raven. From the looks of it, we will probably be getting pearl or penny as the tops appear to be the lighter colors. I personally would love to get the penny color:) In the middle we have a yaby cosmetics liquid foundation. I'm thinking it's probably one of their corrector colors, most likely apricot, as it is nearly impossible for them to match everyone's foundation color through the ipsy quiz. Elizabeth Mott is cruelty-free and I am waiting on yaby cosmetics to confirm they are as well. I will be updating this as soon as they do, so check back soon!
"So many beautiful horizons ahead! Make your 2014 your mostly beautiful year ever with one of these great products!"

Sneak Peek #3 is another either/or, but now we have up to five possible products in this selection. The most popular one that everyone is dying to get their hands on is Benefit's Porefessional (tallest bottle in the picture). I already have a full-size of this and I love it, so I am actually ok with receiving one of the others in the sneak peek:) Benefit Cosmetics is one of my favorite cruelty-free brands on the beauty market <3. The jar underneath is Briogeo's Don't Despair, Repair! Deep Conditioning Mask. This is the first time I see this brand in an ipsy brand, at least in the 6 months I have been a subscriber. Their full-size is 5.25 oz & retails for $26 so I would think this deluxe size sample will be anywhere from 1-2 oz which is about a $5 value. This is made with rosehip, avocado & argan oils so it must be amazing! I would love to get this in my bag! I am waiting confirmation on their cruelty-free status so check back soon! UPDATE-Briogeo IS cruelty-free!!! Way to go guys:) There also appears to be a makeup brush, possibly foundation...maybe Coastal Scents? YEP-iT'S THE SMALL FOUNDATION BRUSH!  If so, retail value is $4.95. We also have what appears to be the Healthy Sexy Hair Soy Tri-Wheat Leave-In Conditioner in the blue bottle. I'd be happy with this item as well, as I love the brand Sexy Hair and you can never have enough leave-in conditioner when you color-treat every 3-4 weeks! This is another cruelty-free brand I love <3 Last, but not least, we have a tiny spray bottle sitting right next to the Porefessional. I am going to go out on a limb and make a pretty drastic guess on this baby...ready for it?!?! purminerals Miracle Mist...It is a hydrate & setting spray, gold in color, and we are going for the 24/7 desk to dinner look...That's my guess and I'm sticking to it! purminerals is also cruelty-free <3 So I was wrong about the purminerals, but Marula is just as exciting!  The little bottle of golden goodness is pur marula oil.

"Gorgeous for 2014, 24/7! From desk to dinner, your lovely look will last with one of these awesome products."

Sneak Peek #4 is another either/or, but we will be receiving two of the eleven products pictured below...OK lets just get to it!  I'll try to do left to right:

"The 2014 adventure begins now! Start it off right with two of these picks in your January Glam Bag!"

Sneak Peek #5 is our bag!!!!  It is a horizon of skincare products:)  Cute bag...looks good for travelling.  I like the colors too!  Way to go ipsy!
"2014 is full of reasons to get gorgeous and tote your all-day essentials in your January Glam Bag!"

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