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Milani Eye Tech Bold Liquid Liner-Product Review

Monday, November 4, 2013

 I was lucky enough to receive this item from Milani in a Fall Essentials Giveaway they ran on Twitter about a month ago, and I have been so impressed with my experience that I really wanted to post a review. 

Historically, I have always been a huge fan of liquid and gel liners as I traditionally stick to the winged cat eye when I wear eyeliner.  I have never really been a huge fan of pencil liners as I feel like they cause me to tug on my eyelid too much, and I am not able to get that sleek line that I can accomplish with a liquid or gel liner.
Now, being that I am a fan of these liquid & gel versions, I have experienced issues in the past that are two-fold...not naming any names.  The first problem is that they are dried out right from the get go or dry out soon afterwards.  I don't wear eyeliner on a daily basis for work, but more of an a social basis which is once to twice a month.  By the time I went to grab that liquid liner, it was completely unusable.  What a disappointment!  My second problem is that sometimes the applicator itself is more of a really long brush.  While this is great for someone with a steady hand, a shorter tip is much easier to work with and keep it where you want it. 
With Milani's Eye Tech Bold Liquid Liner ($7.49 retail value) I was happy that I did not experience either of these! First off, the actual shape of the product is more of a chunky marker. Upon application it provided just the right amount of liquid in one swipe. The shape of the applicator is a very pointed, short felt tip which actually allowed me to create the wing very easily also in one swipe. 
From the Milani website: "The next installment of our best-selling Eye Tech series goes BOLD! The bold felt-tip point creates a variety of dramatic winged looks in one stroke application. Smear & smudge-proof, this liner lasts all day. Paraben-free."
Thank you Milani for the giveaway and for creating such a quality product for a great value! And if that wasn't enough...Milani Cosmetics is also cruelty-free, so feel good about purchasing their products!

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