Lucy's Cruelty-Free Beauty and Living: Kiss & Tell about KNT Pro Cosmetics!

Kiss & Tell about KNT Pro Cosmetics!

Sunday, November 24, 2013

About a week ago, I had the wonderful opportunity of getting a sneak peek of a new cosmetics line, KNT (Kiss & Tell) Pro Cosmetics, at a Bloggers Block event at the O Lounge in Fort Lauderdale.  Jessica Rivero, a Miami-based makeup artist, has started her own makeup line and the results are fabulous! 

The first two products that are available to order right now on the website,, are the Lip Gloss Duo in Sugar Daddy and Strawberry Melon (also sold separately). 
Sugar Daddy-sheer translucent peachy pink
Strawberry Melon-sheer reddish-pink

Let me tell you these are not your everyday glosses!  These babies are cruelty-free (#1 in my book), dermatologist tested, hypoallergenic, and made in the USA.  The formula is created using collagen peptides.  Collagen peptide, also referred to as hydrolyzed collagen, is a natural body protein.  Collagen and elastin combine to form collagen peptide bundles, which produce firmer skin, decrease the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles, and moisturize the skin!  Who knew???  KNT did that's who!   This lip gloss continues to moisturize your lips up to 8 hours even after it has been removed.  Collagen peptides are also a digestible protein.  Just begin to imagine what is in all the lipstick that you wear on a daily basis, and how much of if you ingest.  Well, this lip gloss it is actually safe and non-toxic, so don't worry if you happen to swallow a little as you bite your lip while you read the latest steamy novel;)
Sugar Daddy
I was able to take home Sugar Daddy and I have been using the lip gloss everyday since!  The color goes on nicely, and it is actually quite buildable, which is difficult with a gloss since they get sticky and gloppy.  This gloss is neither of those.  The formula is sheer enough that it actually feels like you aren't wearing anything on your lips.  It is fragrance-free, so it is great for anyone with sensitive skin, and since is is ultra-moisturizing and alcohol-free it will not dry out that lovely pout.
Left: Milani's Sangria top and with Sugar Daddy as an overlay
Center: Tarte's Wild and with Sugar Daddy as an overlay
Right: Rimmel's Kate 04 and with Sugar Daddy as an overlay

What I liked the most about the Sugar Daddy color is that you can wear it along to go for that natural look or you can wear it over your favorite lippie.  It did not feather or bleed in either type of application.  When worn over an opaque color, it provides just the right amount of shimmer and illumination that creates the look of added dimension.  Check out the swatches with my current favorite fall colors. 

Check out Kiss & Tell (KNT) Pro Cosmetics today on their website and be on the lookout for new products!  You can also visit the KNT Exclusive SPA Suite at: 6840 SW 40 Street, Miami, Florida 33155, inside the Beauty Mall Hair & Spa Suites.

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