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ipsy September 2013-UNBAGGING!

Friday, October 4, 2013

I know it's late, but better late than never right?!?!  I am finally able to post about my September 2013 ipsy bag.  I must say that ipsy is really amazing.  If you see the sneak peeks on Facebook there are a ton of people ranting about how unhappy they are with their subscriptions.  Really?  You are paying $10 people!  For $10 where would you be able to get all these items?  In the three months I have been receiving my bag, I have been exposed to different companies that I have never heard of before and have fallen in love with.  There have also been companies that I have heard of but just never had the chance to try out or didn't want to make an investment into a full-size product before knowing if I really like it...THANK YOU IPSY!
The theme for September 2013 is Classic Beauty.  I was pretty excited about this theme because I tend to veer towards the more classic, vintage looks.

The bag itself was really cute.  I make it a point to use all my ipsy cosmetics bags.  I actually use the July round bag to store my cotton round pads.  They fit perfectly and rather than keeping them in the plastic wrap they come in, they are now in a cute see through pink bag!  Back to September...This bag is pretty standard size and is a royal blue shiny vinyl fabric material.  The design is a compilation of different black lace designs, including some pretty butterflies.  I will definitely be using this bag to keep the makeup I carry around in my purse.

The first item in my bag is the NYX Eyeshow in the color Cryptonite, a glittery black.  This eyeshadow retails for $4.50.  This appears to be a full-size product at 0.09oz.  I do not have a color like this and after testing it out on my hand it appears to be both buildable & blendable.  It has a dark gray tone to it and a good amount of sparkle, which I love:)  This is a going ot be a great go-to color for Fall.

The 2nd item in my bag is a J. Cat Beauty Lipstick in the shade Honeycrisp.  This is also a full-size product and retails for $2.49.  I am not quite sure how I feel about this color.  It is almost the same color as my skintone so it almost blends right in to my face.  I actually applied it this morning on the way to take my kids to school.  At first, I was a little blah about it, but as it set in and I was able to get used to it, it wasn't too bad.  What I love about ipsy is that everything you get in your bag can be used to create a look when you use them altogether so I will be using this along with the NYX eyeshadow and the eyeliner and mascara below.
The 3rd item in my September 2013 ipsy bag is the It's So Big Volumizing Mascara by Elizabeth Mott.  This mascars retails for $19.99 for 10ml.  The size we received is 4ml, so about an $8 value.  I was really impressed when I first opened the mascara to check out the consistency of the formula and the wand.  The formula is creamy and shiny; it almost reminds me of a gel.  The wand is hourglass-shaped.  I have been dying th try the Better than Sex Mascara from Too Faced, because of the wand shape, so I am excited to try this one out at a lower price point.  I've never heard of Elizabeth Mott, so once again I am being exposed to a brand I've never tried for a great price.

The 4th item in my bag is a Starlooks Kohl Eye Pencil in Obsidian, a matte black.  This appears to be a full-size product and it retails for $12!  That is more than I paid for my ipsy bag!!!  I was a little disappointed when I received this because I was really hoping for the liquid eyeliner from Jessie's Girl that was part of the sneak peeks.  Whenever I use eyeliner, I ALWAYS do a winged look, which is a bit difficult with a pencil.  I do like that it is a matte color, and I will be using it no matter what because that is the point of the ipsy bag is it not?  Now I need to get myself a really good sharpener...LOL!

The last item in my ipsy bag is actually a 3-for-1!  I received three different Freeman Paper Masks: Hydrating in Blue Agave, Purifying in Star Fruit, and Brightening in Rose.  Each of these masks retail for $1.99, so about $6 for all three.  I have been a fan of the brand Freeman for years so I was happy to try these masks out.  I usually do some kind of a treatment once a week so I will be trying out the first mask this's my Sunday ritual <3 

Aside from our 5 products, we also received a huge brochure about Michelle Phan's new beuaty line, em cosmetics.  I am very impressed with the variety of her line; the life palette is beautiful and very versatile, BUT she is backed my L'oreal, which is notorious for not being cruelty-free, shich for me is a big no-no.  I looked on the emcosmetics website for any information on animal testing, but was not able to find anything, which is not a food sign.  I have submitted a question and will update my blog with the response when I do the September bag product reviews.  Our brochure came with a sample of the Career Life Palette Look 3: cheek color in Out to Lunch, eye colors in Running Late, Olive & Espresso Bean (left to right).  

The Life Palette comes in 4 variations: Day, Beach, Night & Career.  The brochure comes with a full-size view of the Career Life Palette: 8 lip shades, 4 blush shades, and 24 eye shades.  The palette also comes with a fillable travel palette (for a limited time).  All the color pots or popable (life palette even brings the tool to pop them out).  This way you can even mix & match all the shades.  The Life Palette retails for $75.

As always out ipsy came with our postcard displaying the theme, Classic Beauty, ranging from 20% to 50% off.

Check back in about a month for reviews on the products
 I received in my September 2013 ipsy bag!

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