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Benefit's Gimme Brow...GIMME NOW!!!

Friday, October 11, 2013

So let me preface my review with the fact that prior to trying Benefit Cosmetics' Gimme Brow, I had never been one to use any products on my eyebrows aside from the monthly brow wax.  I have always felt like I could never use anything on them, because I'm touching my eyebrows all day long.  Here in South Florida, the weather is hot & humid the majority of the year.  To be honest, I feel like my eyebrows perspire and I've always been afraid of smudging any product I would use on my brows.  Plus, I have been pretty lucky to have full eyebrows so I never felt like I needed to use a brow product.


Well, I was lucky enough to win a Lash Bash from ipsy & Benefit and Gimme Brow was one of the full-size products I received.  I actually received both shades: light/medium and medium/deep.  I felt so honored to receive such amazing products for my party and I feel like I would not be doing the products I received justice if I didn't try everything I received.  I'm only going to review Gimme Brow in this post, but literally I loved it all...the Hervana blush is beautiful, the They're Real Mascara is literally AMAZING, the Sugar Bomb lip gloss is super yummy! and the Cream Eyeshadows are extremely versatile.  

Gimme Brow has become a product that I cannot leave the house without.  First of all, it blends into the brows amazingly.  With short strokes it is extremely easy to fill in the brow perfectly to build volume and shape.  These are my actual eyebrows!  

Secondly, it does not smudge!!!  This was huge for me, because, like I pointed out earlier, I am always touching my eyebrows.  The tinted gel does not come off until I remove my makeup at night.  When I do touch my eyebrows I always check my fingers and sure enough, nothing.  

Lastly, the product size and shape is ideal.  There is enough product to last quite a while, but not too much that I feel the product would dry out and I would have to throw it out.  This makes me feel like I am getting the full value of of the product.  The wand itself is adorable.  It is a really mini version of a mascara wand, almost as if they took the very tip of the wand and snipped it off to create a new wand.  It's shape is like a mini little Christmas tree.  It is also small enough to accommodate someone with a thinner brow, because the reality is everyone's eyebrows are very different.  If the wand had been larger, it would have made it very difficult for someone to get into the little nooks and crannies.  

ULTA is actually having a great deal tomorrow, Saturday, Oct 12th for a Free Brow Wax with any $50 Benefit Cosmetics or services purchase.  Anytime you get a Brow Wax at The Benefit Brow Bar, they have always used Gimme Brow so this is a great way to try the product and see if it works for you.  ULTA, Benefit, & Chevrolet are also hosting Brows Across America: "A Brow-Mazing Nationwide Tour."  Click on the image above and see if they are coming to an ULTA near you!!!  The same deal for a Free Brow Wax with any $50 Benefit Cosmetics purchase.  Brows Across America will be coming to my local ULTA on November 10th so I will definitely be there to share my Benefit Cosmetics Love❤
I never thought I would have fallen in love with this product, but indeed I have.  Thank you Benefit Cosmetics for making Gimme Brow!  You have a customer for life ❤

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