Lucy's Cruelty-Free Beauty and Living: ipsy Bag October 2013-SNEAK PEEKS!

ipsy Bag October 2013-SNEAK PEEKS!

Monday, September 30, 2013

Ipsy Bag October 2013-SNEAK PEEKS!
Sneak Peeks Now Available
Sneak Peek #4 is a doozie let me tell you...It is definitely looking to be an amazing bag this month...I just hope I receive it before my cruise on the 25th!  In the upper left corner it looks like the Fergie Collection eyeshadow from Wet n Wild in Desert Festival.  On the left, I feel pretty confident in saying that it looks like the Juice Beauty Reflecting Gloss, as I believe that was in an ipsy bag a few months before I joined.  I have no idea on the product at the top...It leads us to believe it is something to do with nail polish, but we already know we are getting a Zoya Polish, so I doubt it is another one.  The lower left appears to be some kind of facial towelettes.  I will post an update if I find out anything further.

Sneak Peek #3 ipsy is really outdoing themselves with these sneak peeks...They don't get any easier to figure out!  Here we know we are definitely looking at some hair products, most likely from the brand bigsexyhair...on the right, it appears to be the Blow Dry Volumizing Gel and on the left, possibly the Blow It Up Volumizing Gel Foam.  Definitely excited to try either of these as I was very happy with the spray I received in my July ipsy bag from BSH.
Sneak Peek #2 reminds me of that crazy sneak peek from September...So elusive these products I tell you.  ipsy I have to hand it to you for the sneakiness in your sneak peeks...You are definitely keeping us ipsters on our toes!  Some subscribers will be receiving at least one of these products.
OK...I did my best with these.  Some of them were obvious, some I read about on Facebook and the ipsy site, the others are total guesses!
Clockwise from the lower left:
Sneak Peek #1 appears to be a Zoya Nail Polish from their new Fall collection.  Looking at the colors in the jar, it appears to be the colors Neve, Giovanna, & Mason, but I can only speculate.  I am actually very excited about this sneak peek because, I do not own any Zoya Polish. 
Stay tuned for additional sneak peeks as they become available!!!

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