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Decocrated Summer 2019 Curated Home Decor Unboxing

Tuesday, July 23, 2019

My husband just can't sit still...there are multiple projects going on at our house on a regular basis.  Most recently, we have a boat parking roof, our floors, and all the window treatments.  Not too long ago, I also re~did my whole vanity space with a new desk space and vanity seat, all DIY'd.  Along with that, we really wanted to focus on a beachy vibe and we picked out new decor to get our new look going 🌊

The Decocrated Summer 2019 Curated Home box has really helped bring our look together with key pieces that are functional and fun throughout the house 🏑 I think that there is also a ton of opportunity to #decohack a lot of the items in each box to really take that home decor personalization to the next level!  Keep reading to learn about everything that came in the newest Summer box and how to save $10 off your own seasonal subscription to Decocrated πŸ’Ÿ

I can honestly say that home decor and DIY are not my forte.  Sometimes...ok, maybe a lot of the time, my decor can look very mish mash.  

What I really like about this home decor seasonal subscription concept is that you can really bring a look together with key pieces or have different looks going on throughout your home from indoors to outdoors.  Thank you Decocrated! πŸ™Œ

Also, the summer box is actually the 2nd box I have received from this brand for my editorial can check out some of the items from the Spring box in my Instagram highlights right here --> Decocrated πŸ“± 

Here are all the logistics of the box so we can get right to it 🠊 $79.99 seasonally or save 10% with the annual payment option for 12 months (4 boxes) 🎁 You can also take advantage of my handy dandy coupon code and get $10 off either billing method with code LUCY10 πŸ’š

Here is what came in the Decocrated Curated Home Summer 2019 home decor box ⏬

First off...I love the booklet!  You actually see how much thought and work went into putting together each box with everything from color palette, decorating ideas, and key pieces 

Jazzdoodles Reversible Summer Postcard Print  This is perfect for the picture frame that you receive as an introductory gift from Decocrated πŸ–Ό I love using post cards I receive from some of my other subscription services as well with this clip board is the perfect size! This Jazzdoodles summer print is perfect on both sides 😊 I love Those Summer Days and the flamingos are adorable! 🌴

Tic Tac Toe Game πŸ†‡πŸ…Ύ This is a cute and fun little detail piece.  Right now we keep it outside where we keep the sunscreens so that it is easily and accessible when we are hanging out by the pool on the weekends 🌊

Coral Fabric Napkins (set of 4) This is such a great way to promote less waste especially since we are still in #PlasticFreeJuly 🌎 The color is a perfect summery peachy coral shade 🧑

Tropical Flamingo Cloth Apron What a cute way to add some fun to a Sunday BBQ?!?!  This apron has a total summer vibe print going on...Can you say Kiss the Cook?!?! LOL 😘 

Reversible Wall Art πŸ–½ This two sided piece has a simple Recipe for Fun in black and white on one side and a more summer themed Rise & Grind side with those palette colors throughout

Block Art Piece ⸙ I love the saying on this one...Every Summer Has A Story πŸŒ… This could go up on the wall or be used on a table top or leaning against the wall on a shelf

Yellow Iron Hello Sign πŸ’› I actually took this sign and painted it a rose gold to match some of the accents in my vanity space.  I hung it up on the wall and dangled my necklaces from the different knobs.

Hanging Turquoise Lantern πŸ•― I love this piece!  I would say it is one of my favorites in the box and is a key piece in our main living space now.  I actually have it hanging from the ceiling in the living room's bay window.  Keep in mind you cannot use a real candle in this lantern.  I have an LED candle on a timer which is perfect since it is hanging just out of reach πŸ˜‰

Wooden Utensil Caddy πŸ‘œ I really like this piece as well!  It is super multi-functional and can be further personalized by wood burning, painting, or even chalking.  I created a #PlasticFreeJuly station with reusable straws, the coral colored napkins, and reusable plates and utensils...It really makes it easy to keep everything accessible and all in one place!

So what do you think???  Did you receive the Decocrated Summer 2019 box?  Let me know in the comments...what did you think and what was your favorite piece???  Interested in the Decocrated Curated Home subscription box?  Don't forget to save $10 off your first season with the code LUCY10

Show the brand some love over on Facebook!  They also have a Decocraters FB group and a #Decohacks FB group for people to interact and share ideas on how they are using items from their Decocrated boxes 😍 You can also find them on Instagram and Pinterest and follow in the Decocrated adventure 🏑

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