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Montagne Jeunesse: Cruelty Free & Eco-Minded Beauty

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

To be honest, I probably walked by this brand of masks a dozen times at my local retailers, never really giving them a second thought!  When I opened my Viva VoxBox from Influenster I was pleasantly surprised to find the Manuka Honey Mask.  I always like to research the brands I test & review so I hopped on the World Wide Web and sought out the Montagne Jeunesse website.   I was so impressed with everything about them...their all natural ingredients, their philosophy on animal testing, and their commitment to the environment quickly won my heart. 
Now came the big moment...actually testing out the mask.  I was hoping I would not be disappointed since I was so in love with the brand by this point.  I turned to read the back of the package and the directions were fairly simple: Apply the mask all over the face, allow to dry for 20-25 relaxing minutes and peel off!  So, I proceeded to open the packet and the mask itself was a wonderfully smelling golden honey liquid.  Literally, I wanted to pour it over a buttermilk biscuit!  I started with a small amount and started to apply it around my face making sure to get into the little grooves around my nose,  It was extremely easy to apply and it was thick enough to maintain its "shape" and not drip all over my face.  I would also add that there was a definitely a good quantity of the mask in the packet, so I didn't have to apply sparingly.  The next step was allowing it to dry for 20-25 minutes.  Literally the directions say to relax!  I headed to the kitchen and poured myself a glass of Moscato.  I went out to my backyard, sipped on my wine and enjoyed the next 20 minutes.

I could feel the mask drying on my face and if I smiled I could feel it starting to separate from my skin, very similar to other peel-off masks I have tried in the past.  As soon as it was 100% dry, I proceeded to peel it off my skin.  It came off fairly easy and did not feel like it was pulling or tugging unnecessarily.  Afterwards, my skin felt clean, refreshed and silky smooth! 
I could not believe that I had wasted precious time walking by this brand!  One of these masks retails for about $2 and there is a huge variety of different masks available.  Check out my Montagne Jeunesse wish list:
Chocolate Mud
Fruit Smoothie
Collagen Anti-Ageing
Creamy Coconut
Cucumber & Apple Reviving
Orange Oil & Vitamin C
         Avocado Oil & Walnut Exfoliating
Ginseng & Jasmine Sauna
Amore Rose
This list could go on forever!!!  Montagne Jeunesse masks are available in the beauty section of WalMart and ULTA.  They are definitely worth trying (over & over again;)
I received this product complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.  All opinion and thoughts are 100% my own.

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