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Cut the Stress by Cutting the Cable Cord with Google Chromecast Streaming Video Player

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Mom stressed from being on the phone with cable company

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5 HOURS!  That is how long I was on the phone with my previous cable company.  I wasted 5 hours of my life repeating myself incessantly, arguing about charges on my bill, and basically getting nowhere πŸ˜‘ Those 5 hours ended up with me dropping my cable company like a hot potato and it was the most fulfilling feeling ever πŸ™Œ

With so many options now it is easy to find something that brings everything you WANT to watch to your screen easily.  I feel like that TV commercial that shows a person ripping up their bill and jumping for joy!!!  Keep reading to learn about the Google Chromecast Streaming Media Player, and how it is a great option for live streaming for your family πŸ“Ί

Indie Brand Spotlight - Living Earth Market + Black Pearl Teeth Whitening Powder

Saturday, October 13, 2018

Living Earth Black Pearl Teeth Whitening Powder

Recently, I had a nagging toothache that called for an impromptu dental visit.  I'm a grinder, and I never wear my night guard.  I know...know...If I would just wear it my life would be so much easier! Regardless, the highlight of my appointment was being complimented on the color of my teeth by the dental assistant 😁 I wholeheartedly attribute this to using a teeth whitening product πŸ’œ

Lately, I have been loving the Black Pearl Teeth Whitening Powder from Living Earth Market.  I would just like to thank the brand for sending over this jar of goodness, along with their Vitamin C Serum, which we are going to talk a little bit about in this post as well 🍊 Keep reading to learn about Living Earth Market, their lovely goodies, and their sustainability model ~ I am all about a brand that focuses on their impact on the environment 🌎

Keeping Skincare Simple with Kate Somerville + #RethinkPlastic Plastic Oceans Pledge 🧜

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Kate Somerville Face the Glow Kit

Skincare is definitely one of my obsessions πŸ’› I love all the amazing ingredients, all the different layers you can create...magical skincare potions really! ✨ Trust me when I tell you I have quite a collection of all kinds of skincare goodies!  While I love playing skincare apothecary, I think there is something definitely to be said for a simple skincare routine.  It is the perfect way to make sure the skin gets all the basics.

Kate Somerville is keeping skincare simple with her kits of best selling facial exfoliating and acne fighting products, ExfoliKate & EradiKate! Personally, my skincare concerns are more the anti-aging and skin tone/complexion variety.  Check out my thoughts on the Face the Glow EradiKate Kit and learn about the brand's commitment to reducing their footprint and their pledge with the Plastic Oceans Foundation 🌊 #AdvoKate #RethinkPlastic #PlasticOceans

Get Swept Away with Skincare Goodness from the Ocean with OSEA Malibu + Labor Day Gift with Purchase 😍

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Skincare Goodness from the Ocean Blog Title

When it comes to certain skincare brands, I must say, I am a devotee.  I especially love when a brand is so passionate about their ingredients, their footprint on the environment, and is committed to being both vegan and cruelty free πŸ’š

OSEA Malibu is definitely one of my favorite ecoluxe skincare brands.  Founded by Jenefer Palmer, it is rooted in the commitment of providing natural, non toxic beauty inspired by the sea 🌊 Keep reading to check out some of my holy grail favorites from them and to learn about their current gift with purchase over the Memorial Day weekend! 

3 Youthful Benefits to Incorporating the Holistic Beauties BFF Tool Into Your Skincare Routine

Friday, August 24, 2018

Holistic Beauties Small Nibbles Side

Skincare has always been a thing, at least in my experience!  Our mothers swore by it, and our grandmothers were the proof of its effectiveness😍 Beauty secrets have been passed down from generation to generation, but the overlying message has always been similar...taking care of our skin is a must!

Lately, technology has been coming to their forefront of skincare in the form of different types of tools.  It all started with the brush headed tool most of us are familiar with, but let's be honest...It never felt like the most hygienic.  I always wondered what kind of gunk made its way deep into the base of the bristles 😝 

Now we have the BFF!  We are talking a user friendly, medical grade silicone tool, that not only cleanses, but seriously takes our skincare to the next level....WAY next level!  Keep reading to get all the deets on the Holistic Beauties BFF Electric Facial Pore Cleanser, how I am incorporating it into my skincare routines AND how you can get your hands on one for 40% off!!!